TC- Helicon Go Twin Review And Demo

Both myself and my daughter have been using the TC – Helicon Go Twin for a little over a year now.

While I like using the audio interface there are some issues I have notice. For example the app that you download is actually very buggy on my Iphone.

Also it seems that there is some hissing and other background anomalies that pop up from time time. With that said, I have used the TC – Helicon Go Twin in different applications.

I have used it for podcast, recording in the woods or just as an audio interface into my computer so I can record into Logic Pro X.

TC – Helicon Go Twin For An Audio Interface

While there are certainly better audio interfaces like the ID14 from Audient. I have used it though for a lazy man’s audio interface setup.

There is a time and place when the Go Twin fits right into your workflow.

The App that you edit your videos with is buggy but when it works its actually an amazing video/audio editor on your mobile phone.

I just wish that it wasn’t so buggy. I will say this about most of the music gear I have bought.

Firmware is slow to come and often times you can’t find much information on how to fix stuff. So be prepared to do a lot of researching and trouble shooting.

Certainly you can find a place for it in your music creations.


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