Being A Musician In 2022

This is my first actual post on this blog that created a couple of years ago. One reason was because, I was trying to get my friends involved in the whole being a musician on the internet. Guys guys I jam with I have been jamming with for the past 20 something or another years. At this point it may even been 30 years ago.

..ECK! I am getting old!

Sadly things didn’t go as I had hoped for many different reasons. But like many things I have delved into I am on my own trying to figure it all out. I have successfully been doing business online since around 2007. But for me, being a musician has always been just a hobby.  I decided at the age of 40 that we would take my hobby and love for music and see if it can apply internet marketing and social networking skills that I have learned over the years to music.

Most likely this isn’t going to get me rich or even make anything at all. I am just going to share my personal experience with music and gear. I’ll just see what happens. Today is the first day of many blog post to come on this blog from me.

What is amazing about being a musician in 2022 is there is just so much knowledge out there for free. When I started playing music, if you didn’t have money for lessons or an incredible ear you had a hard time learning how to play any instrument. Today, it’s easy peasy to start learning how to play music.

My background may be similar to others. My introduction if you will into music was in 3rd grade when I took saxophone lessons in school. I played the sax into my second year of highs school. Then of course I discovered the guitar and girls lols…

By the time I was 20 I was at a crossroads I needed to figure out what to do with my life and well music didn’t seem like something I could pursue and raise a family which is something I really wanted to do.

Here is a video of me and my daughter covering Mary Hopkins “Those were the days.” Most people however are more familiar with the cover of this song done by Paul McCartney of the Beatles.

I don’t regret my decisions that I have made. Now though I am at a different place in my life and I want to share with you the music that is inside my soul. This is why I am ready to share it all with you.

I hope you enjoy all the stuff I share with you as much as I enjoy creating the content for you 🙂


About the Author

My name is Larry Rivera. I started playing music at an early age. I started with the Saxophone and played that into high school. I also took some music theory. However I fell in love with the guitar. I took a few lessons but I am mostly self taught. My passion for playing music has been with me my entire life. I was in a band until my early 20's then one thing led to another and while I continued to play my acoustic guitar I put the electric guitar down for about 15 years. Well I picked up the electric again and in this website I will share my journey with you.

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