Black Sabbath National Acrobat Cover

Black Sabbath to this day still has some of the heaviest riffs ever written.

Those driving bass lines and thumbing drum beats are sic. While the people I jam out with are all musicians none of us has actually spent a lot of time playing out.

Because of this we rarely ever play a cover song all the way through or even the way a song was originally created.

What we do is simply try and enjoy being in the moment with the music and just have fun.

For me personally Black Sabbath wasn’t my introduction into Heavy Metal.

The first band that was considered Heavy Metal for me was Metallica and then of course Anthrax, Slayer, Sepultura, Pantera, Manowar and others.

Basically if it had lots of deep distortion I probably listened to it. I wouldn’t consider myself a heavy metal guitarist or any kind of guitarist.

I just like music and if something sounds good to me it sounds good. I don’t dislike “types” of music.

With all that said,

Once I listened to Black Sabbath I connected all the dots. Their use of power chords are genius as they are simple to play.

So I am glad I recorded a little of us jamming out National Acrobat.

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My name is Larry Rivera. I started playing music at an early age. I started with the Saxophone and played that into high school. I also took some music theory. However I fell in love with the guitar. I took a few lessons but I am mostly self taught. My passion for playing music has been with me my entire life. I was in a band until my early 20's then one thing led to another and while I continued to play my acoustic guitar I put the electric guitar down for about 15 years. Well I picked up the electric again and in this website I will share my journey with you.

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