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First thank you for stopping by the Official Music Syndicate. Please excuse the mess as of this blog post this site is still under construction. I just figured I may as well start blogging while we work through this.

My earliest memory of loving music was when I was 5 years old singing into the microphone of my parents stereo system. This isn’t an actual picture of my parents stereo but it’s close to the one I remember.

That was a long time ago. As the years went on I maintained my interest in music. When I was in elementary school I got interested in playing the saxophone.

I played the sax till I was a freshman in High school which is when my love affair with the guitar started. I found that expressing myself through music was an outlet for me.

I was actually very lucky I lived in a neighborhood where there where other kids who also loved to play music. Long story short we formed a band. We didn’t really do many cover songs we where all song writers so we spent the time writing music and partying. Unfortunately we did more partying than writing!

It was during those “band” years that I really started learning my instrument. I was making progress and of course life got in the way.

So the band broke up. I am sure it’s a common story that happens all over the world. So here we are today some 20  plus years and I re united with my childhood friends to start jamming again.

It’s funny it’s been so long since we all have played together but it feels like it was yesterday when we had a band with dreams of grandeur.

When we where kids we dreamed about getting signed to a music label. As adults in our lives we are just happy to have some free time that we can get together and jam.

We will be posting behind the scenes stuff, podcast, gear reviews, cover song jams, original songs and whatever else we can think of.

We are excited to see where this journey takes us.


About the Author

My name is Larry Rivera. I started playing music at an early age. I started with the Saxophone and played that into high school. I also took some music theory. However I fell in love with the guitar. I took a few lessons but I am mostly self taught. My passion for playing music has been with me my entire life. I was in a band until my early 20's then one thing led to another and while I continued to play my acoustic guitar I put the electric guitar down for about 15 years. Well I picked up the electric again and in this website I will share my journey with you.

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