Daddy And Daughter Acoustic Cover Angels From Montgomery

So I heard of John Prine before, but I never really heard any of his songs. This particular song my daughter wanted to jam it out. So being a good dad, I welcomed the opportunity to hang out with my kiddo.

After playing the song with her I went ahead and actually listened to the song. I think it’s a really good song. I love it that my daughter introduces me to stuff I wouldn’t ever think about listening to.

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TC- Helicon Go Twin Review And Demo

Both myself and my daughter have been using the TC – Helicon Go Twin for a little over a year now.

While I like using the audio interface there are some issues I have notice. For example the app that you download is actually very buggy on my Iphone.

Also it seems that there is some hissing and other background anomalies that pop up from time time. With that said, I have used the TC – Helicon Go Twin in different applications.

I have used it for podcast, recording in the woods or just as an audio interface into my computer so I can record into Logic Pro X. Continue reading

Black Sabbath National Acrobat Cover

Black Sabbath to this day still has some of the heaviest riffs ever written.

Those driving bass lines and thumbing drum beats are sic. While the people I jam out with are all musicians none of us has actually spent a lot of time playing out.

Because of this we rarely ever play a cover song all the way through or even the way a song was originally created.

What we do is simply try and enjoy being in the moment with the music and just have fun. Continue reading