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Learn to play guitar over 40

Can You Learn Guitar In Your 40’s | Gen X perspective

I did a google search and didn’t realize how many people after the age of 40 are actually interested in learning how to play guitar. Personally even though i’ve been playing guitar since I was around 13 years old. Being 46 I still am taking advantage of taking online courses to further my guitar playing.

This blog post is more of a perspective to help you decide if this is something you actually have time in your life to do. I mean I get it, once we hit 40 years old we have a different perspective on life in general.

Growing up I knew a lot of kids who wanted to play guitar and many of them actually had their parents go out and buy them gear. But the truth is a good percentage of those people only took a liken to guitars because they thought it would help them be more cool.

We being Generation X still had a difficult time as children trying to learn instruments. Today it is flipping easy. In fact when I see young folks who are struggling to learn I sort of roll my eyes because today’s kids have easy access to online tutorials, online tab these are things we didn’t have.

We just had a radio and our ears to guide us most of the time. Sure we occasionally where able to buy music books, assuming our parents even cared enough to splurge on us. So because of all this I can totally understand why now in our 40’s we are considering taking time out to do something like learn an instrument. Continue reading