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O.M.S. Podcasts | Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for our recent and upcoming Podcasts!

In the meantime you can find all of our Podcasts we’ve uploaded so far here for now!

Each one has it’s own story, so be prepared to hear an explanation of the madness that goes along with each and every one of our Podcasts!

The Funeral | Band of Horses | Cover Song | Official Music Syndicate | Garage Band | Final Cut Pro X

The Funeral is a song released by Band of Horses and here are two videos of us covering their song! The first one features us playing the song before we did a remix with Final Cut Pro X. Wondering which mix you guys like better?

Well, that was the first mix before we decided to edit it further using Final Cut Pro X. Let us know in the comment section which mix you like better after viewing and listening to the remixed version!

That was the remixed version of the same song, next up is the official video for Band of Horses song The Funeral! Enjoy!

So there it is let us know which mix you like better and feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel, comment and give some feedback! Thanks for watching, we hope you enjoyed!