Jimi Hendrix |Machine Gun |Live |1997 |Digital Remaster

This is an audio recording of Jimi Hendrix performing “Machine Gun” live, digitally remastered in 1997. The original recording was recorded January 1st 1970 at the Fillmore East in New York City. This was Jimi’s first live performance with Band of Gypsys, and the first without his original band.

The performance was later released as a full-length album which sadly would be his last album released before his death. Previously, Mitch Mitchell was playing drums and Noel Redding was on bass.

For this project Jimi Hendrix teamed up with Billy Cox on bass and Buddy Miles on drums. This project heavily influenced music later to come! Personally this is one of my favorites, let me know what you think!

So? “Machine Gun” still remains one of my favorite Jimi Hendrix recordings of all time! I hope you enjoyed this classic recording of one of the all time greatest guitar players ever to play music for us!

The Black Keys|Sinister Kid|Retro Vibe|Music|Hidden Gem

This is a song from The Black Keys album “Brothers”. While one of my favorite songs off the album I do not think it got the credit or airplay it deserved as it was overlooked by songs such as “Tighten Up” and “Howling for You”.

Not that those songs weren’t great as well, it is just a shame what executives decide the audience would prefer to hear over one song or the other. With that said this is a cool tune from their Breakthrough album “Brothers”!

Johnny Cash| At Folsom Prison| (1968)| (Full album)|Classic |Man In Black |Legend

Johnny Cash

“At Folsom Prison” is a live album by Johnny Cash “The Man in Black”, released in May 1968. After recording “Folsom Prison Blues” in 1955, he had been interested in recording a live show at a prison.

Lucky for us that all changed despite his idea being put on hold for almost 13 years when Cash performed at Folsom State Prison in California on January 13, 1968!