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Amy Winehouse |Valerie |Cover Song |Zutons

Amy Winehouse cover song of Zutons Valerie!

This image of Amy Winehouse with an Epiphone Black Beauty is special to me because I personally play one!

When it comes to cover songs, Amy Winehouse tore it up on this, to be quite honest I thought she wrote this song originally but after hearing the Zutons version they are equally great!

Motorhead |Sympathy for the Devil |Cover Song

Motorhead doing a cover song of Sympathy for the Devil, originally recorded by the Rolling Stones.

What is so great about this one for me, is that it’s one of my favorite bands doing a cover song of my favorite song!

One thing when it comes to cover songs that I really like, is when a band takes the original version and puts they’re style of music into it and does it they’re way!