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Arlo Guthrie | Alice’s Restaurant | Tradition | Thanksgiving

During the holiday season we all have our traditions we love to enjoy. This is one I have enjoyed over the years. Here is how it began. It’s very long so make sure you give yourself some time to listen
One night on my way home from work a day or two before Thanksgiving I heard this on the radio. What the DJ was saying caught my attention. He said no thanksgiving is ever complete without this song, and that it told a story. So I decided to give a listen. I found myself losing track of time imagining what was happening laughing all the way home. So now every Thanksgiving, while I am preparing for dinner, I pour myself a drink, start working away, and lose myself in Alice’s Restaurant. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

This song is in fact based on a true story but overly exaggerated for our pleasure. After getting kicked out of college, Arlo decides to visit his friend Alice for Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner is over, Arlo volunteers to take the trash to the dump, but finds it closed for the holiday, so he just dumped the trash in the bottom of a ravine, and this simple act of littering gets him arrested, and sends him on a crazy journey. And just in case you like it that much, there was also a movie made, 1hr. 51m long and Arlo Guthrie plays himself in this film based on his song of the same name.