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America | Sandman | Cover Song | Official Music Syndicate | Garage Band

America is the debut self titled album by the band America!
This is a short cut of us covering Sandman! This is our first time playing it with a special friend on keys and background vocals!

Next up is a video of us performing Sandman by America with a bit more practice!

And here is America’s version of Sandman!

We hope you enjoyed it and plan on working on getting a final version at some point in the near future!

Monty Python | Always Look on the Bright Side of Life | Feel Good Song | Comedy

A great song from Monty Python to make you laugh and smile, no matter how tough life gets!
It’s also known to be played at British funerals. It is frequently played on the radio as well, but some words were changed due to the rules of radio airplay. When you listen you can’t help but smile unless you don’t have much of a sense of humor, and more importantly it reminds you to be lighthearted!

Due to illness, I’m stuck in bed a lot. While trying to reach remission I stayed with my parents for a few months. My father, who had brain tumors, kept on working until he passed away. No matter what, he always had a smile on his face. He was very humble. He said always look on the positive side of life like Monty Python! There is something good in every day, you just have to focus on it. No one can ruin your day, but you. So never let people or situations get under your skin!

He loved music as much as I do. He said music is medicine, and I agree. Once everyone left the house for the day, he would turn on his stereo, and have his own little morning music party before he left for work. He played some great music especially this Monty Python song! It was so loud you could here it outside and down the street! He started with this song every morning, and to this day I still listen to it as well. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Ween | Buenas Tardes Amigo | Cover Song | Official Music Syndicate

Ween released “Buenas Tardes Amigo” on their album Chocolate and Cheese right around the time we were playing full time as a band! We never did cover any Ween songs back then, however the influence this song and album had on our writing style still amazes me to this day! The pure diversity of this album ironically defined our musical backgrounds and helped blend the meaning of our sound!

So, this first video of us covering Buenas Tardes Amigo was a night where our drummer wasn’t able to make it, for good reason I might add! So we decided to use the Trio Band Creator to keep a beat for us to get through the song. Not without some help, we managed to find the right beat to keep us in time!

But wait until you see the result of our drummer returning and a special guest appearance of our good friend hitting the keys and singing some background vocals!

On this joyous day we had some fun jamming and doing another version of Buenas Tardes Amigo with two more real musicians instead of the pedal!

Next up is a video of Ween playing Buenas Tardes Amigo! We really hope you enjoyed this transition we went through covering this song!

Actually, stay posted as you never know another version of this cover song may pop up on our YouTube channel or right here!


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