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The Jicks | Witch Mountain Bridge | Pig Lib | Steve Malkmus | Pavement

The Jicks is a band including former Pavement member Steve Malkmus and here is their song Witch Mountain Bridge from the album Pig Lib!

The Jicks , Steve Malkmus
Witch Mountain Bridge

In better times, a spell could save you
The wine that we threw into a chasm
Came right back at you

Now it’s all so straight and narrow
And the skeptics rule the nation
The servants scream, “always wear black.”

The stupid sin, romantic wishscapes
Give you a skewed impression of the realms of the magic arts
Yes, it’s all over your heads so enjoy the dim vacation
The servant reads, “never wear black.”

There is no now — you can tape that to your devil-brow
Time came before the end, my lord, explain your cattle call
What we need is a soft second serve of your fine approximations
Shepherd read, “always wear black.”

You find the grace in true frustration
Time came before the end, my lord, explain…