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Santana | Everlast | Put Your Lights On | Cover Song | Official Music Syndicate | Garage Band

Santana and Everlast released a collaboration song called “Put Your Lights On”. Next, is two videos of us covering their song. The first one is us playing after half of us took five minutes to learn it and the other half of us two minutes to learn it! As you will see the second video clearly shows we connected much more on our second recording of it. Following our versions of the song is the actual video for “Put Your Lights On” by Santana and Everlast!

For literally taking ten minutes to learn this cover, I would say it isn’t half bad but that is until you check out the next version of it!

Ok so with more time spent on learning the actual song and the amazing video editing skills of a certain bandmate, I really hope you enjoy this take!

So there was the actual song and official video for it, but as you can see in the end of the second take , we are not done with this cover just yet! Stay tuned for the final full version of us covering “Put Your Lights On” and doing it justice! Thanks for watching and feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

The Hollies |Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) |Lyrics

Long Cool Woman is a song by The Hollies and was originally released on their album Distant Light. Later released as a single in April 1972. The Hollies sold 1.5 million copies in the United States and 2 million worldwide all while reaching No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in September 1972.

Long Cool Woman
The Hollies
Saturday night I was down town
Working for the F.B.I.
Sitting in a nest of bad men
Whiskey bottles piling high
Boot legging boozer on the west side
Full of people who are doing wrong
Just about to call up the D.A. man
When I heard this woman singing a song.
A pair of forty fives made me open my eyes
My temperature started to rise
She was a long cool woman in a black dress
Just a five nine
With just one look I was a bad mess
Cause that long cool woman had it all.
Saw her heading to the table
Well a tall walking big black cat
When Charlie said “I hope that you’re able
I’m telling you she knows where it’s at
Well suddenly we heard a siren
And every body started to run
A jumping out of doors and tables
Well I heard somebody shooting a gun.
Well the D.A. was pumping my left hand
And a she a holding my right
And I told her don’t get scared
Cause you’re gonna be spared
I gotta be forgiven
If I want to spend my living with
A long cool woman in a black dress
Just a five nine
With just one look I was a bad mess
‘Cause that long cool woman had it all
Had it all
Had it all
Had it all
Songwriters: Alan Clarke / Roger Frederick Cook / Roger John Reginald Greenaway

Once again, stay posted for our version of Long Cool Woman by The Hollies to be uploaded to our Official Music Syndicate YouTube channel soon!

Hallelujah |John Cale |Cover Song |Leonard Cohen

Hallelujah is a song written by Canadian singer Leonard Cohen, originally released on his album Various Positions.

This is John Cale’s cover of Hallelujah, the song found greater popularity through this recording by John Cale.

As incredible as the original version of this song is, this is the more widely known version regardless of how many artists cover this song!

We decided to do our own version of this song, which is an expression of love, support, excitement, sorrow, troubles, happiness and faith! Check it out on our YouTube channel!