Using Logic Pro X and Public Domain Footage To Create Music Videos For Sci Fi

I started learning how to use Logic Pro X a few years ago. The first thing I noticed is how advanced music production has become as well as affordable. When I was in my late teens early 20’s we use to rent time in a music studio to put together a demo songs. First it cost a lot to get studio time back in the day.

Fast forward today anyone with a DAW and a little know how can produce some great sounding music. Not just only that, today’s musicians have many more options in learning how to become experts in their chosen instrument.

…With That Said,

I always wanted to write sound tracks to movies ever since I was a little boy. Being a creative person, I searched the public domain for footage and to my surprise I quickly found 2 types of content.

I found content on the old Sci Fi movies from the 50’s and I found content on Aliens and UFO’s. Being excited, I started using my midi keyboard and working on sound tracks on Logic Pro X.

Paying Homage To Early Sci Fi Movies

This first video was a lot of fun to make, it also made me think back to when I was a small lad watching these movies late at night.

The videos I found on the public domain and the music was written by me. In this video I tried to recapture the energy of the early days of sci fi.

Think war of worlds or the day the world stood still. Do you have a favorite movie from the Sci Fi genre?

Whats all the fuss over Aliens?

Aliens are they among us? This is another topic closely related to Sci Fi in many ways. The big difference here is people believe in life on other planets for sure.

As for me do I believe? All I can say is that I would be surprised either way. Ultimately though my goal was simply to create sound tracks. Perhaps in the future I will do more soundtracks.

…To Wrap This Up

It doesn’t have to be logic pro x any daw will do. But I challenge you go sifting through the public domain videos and come up with your own soundtracks.

It doesn’t have to be Sci Fi it can be any genre. If you do create a soundtrack let me know I’d love to check it out.

About the Author

My name is Larry Rivera. I started playing music at an early age. I started with the Saxophone and played that into high school. I also took some music theory. However I fell in love with the guitar. I took a few lessons but I am mostly self taught. My passion for playing music has been with me my entire life. I was in a band until my early 20's then one thing led to another and while I continued to play my acoustic guitar I put the electric guitar down for about 15 years. Well I picked up the electric again and in this website I will share my journey with you.

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