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Whatever Happened To Winamp?

If you are like me you have wondered what ever happened to Winamp? Almost 2 decades ago there was this little app. I remember really zoning out to it’s built in visualizers.  So Winamp (Windows Advanced Multimedia Products) was released April 21, 1997. Back in the 90’s listening to music on a computer was very new.

In fact I remember clearly downloading songs from Napster (Remember that program?) and playing them on Winamp. It was the good ole days of the internet.

Old School Winamp

Where Did Winamp Go?

From what I understand AOL bought the company that created Winamp (Nullsoft) for 80 million dollars. AOL didn’t actually have a grasp on what to do with Winamp or they simply didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Shortly after Apple Ipods started to dominate the scene and the rest if you will is history. Continue reading